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  • Jack Cutting
  • Clyde Geronimi
  • Production Company
  • Walt Disney Productions

The duck's eggs hatched: but the fifth hatchling, rather late, isn't like the rest, and momma chews poppa out. On top of all that, where the ducklings quack, the oddball honks. He's soon ostracized and rejected forever by all the ducks. He also explores a nest of sparrows and a duck decoy, but there's no acceptance there, either (the decoy bonks him on the head like one of those drinking birds). But just when he's feeling worst, a family of swans comes by, and he's found his real family. —Jon Reeves 1930sanimal character name as title2d animationhand drawn animationtraditional animation25 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesA baby duckling is shunned by his family because he is different.GenresAnimationShortComedyFamilyCertificateApprovedParents guideAdd content advisory


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