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  • An English woman and her daughter enlist the aid of a cowboy to try and get their hardy hornless bull to mate with the longhorns of Texas, but have to overcome greedy criminals and the natural elements.

  • When her husband dies en route to America, Martha Price and her daughter Hilary are left to carry out his dream: the introduction of Hereford cattle into the American West. They enlist Sam "Bulldog" Burnett in their efforts to transport their lone bull, a Hereford named Vindicator, to a breeder in Texas, but the trail is fraught with danger, and even Burnett doubts the survival potential of this "rare breed" of cattle.

  • Headstrong widow Martha Price and her daughter with their prize bull travel from England to Texas to sell their bull. Along the way, a drifter, Sam Burnett, helps them on their journey and is tempted to scam them out of their bull. But his growing attraction to Martha, and his conscience helps him clear a safe passage for Martha and her daughter.


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