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After his employer is murdered by rival cattlemen, a troubled and uneducated young cowboy vows revenge on the murderers,

While wandering in a desert area with the saddle of his deceased horse on his back, the drifter William "Billy the Kid" Bonney stumbles with the cattle owner John "The Englishman" Tunstall that asks him what he wants and William asks for a job. Tunstall hires him to help to bring his cattle to Lincoln to sell the herd to the army and William befriends him. However, the local Sheriff Bradyambushes Tunstal with the rancher Morton, his Deputy Moon and Hill and kill the cattleman to avoid the business and steal his herd. Billy the Kid promises revenge against the men and together with his friends Charlie Boudre and Tom Folliar, he kills Brady and Morton. Billy hides at McSween's house that is burnt down to ashes and Billy is assumed dead by the population. He flees to Madeiro where he meets his friends Pat Garret, Saval and his daughter Celsa that loves Billy. Soon Governor Lew Wallace proclaims amnesty in the New Mexico Territory and Billy is free from any charge. However Moon and Hill are still alive and Billy still wants to revenge his friend.


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