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A discouraged video-gaming boy finds himself recruited as a gunner for an alien defense force.

Alex Rogan lives in a trailer park with his mother Jane Rogan and his younger brother Louis. Alex is a handyman that helps his neighbors in small tasks. He is waiting for a loan so that he can attend university and move with his girlfriend Maggie Gordon to the city. However, Alex receives a letter informing that his request of loan has been denied. When Alex breaks the record of the Starfighter video game, he is visited by a man called Centauri that tells him that he works in the company that manufactures the game and invites him to a ride in his car. Soon Alex learns that Centauri's car is a spacecraft and the Starfighter game is actually a test to find skilled warriors to protect the Star League frontier against Xur and Kodan armada. Alex arrives in the planet Rylos but he refuses the invitation. Alex returns to his house and finds that he is hunted by alien agents sent by Xur to kill him. He summons Centauri and learns that all the starfighters have been murdered in a treacherous attack on the Rylos' base. Now, Alex and his partner Grig are the last chance to avoid the invasion of the cruel Xur.


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