Netflix Movies Starring Lance Guest

Lance Guest's family lived on an 11 acre prune ranch in the then-rural Saratoga, Ca for most of the 1950's. More than 10 years younger than his boomer siblings, Lance was born in 1960, when his father, a Navy fighter pilot, moved the family to a larger house with running water. At a young age, he was memorizing the comedy records of Bill Cosby, Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, and Mel Brooks, as well as all the early 60's Bob Dylan records. He learned to play guitar at age 10, and was performing plays in junior high school. At 15, his friend Michael Gurley asked him to join his garage band, Stillwater, for their first and only gig in the summer of 1975. He was cast in plays all throughout high school, his first being Nathan Detroit, and knowing nothing of New York, other than TV detectives, performed the entire role as Mel Brooks. Read more on iMDB