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A group of astronaut explorers succumb one by one to a mysterious and terrifying force while collecting specimens on Mars.

The crew of the Tantalus Base is ready to finish the activities in Mars and preparing to return to Earth after a six months mission on the Red Planet. After a sand storm, Commander Charles Brunel summons the team composed by Vincent Campbell, Rebecca Lane, Kim Aldrich, Robert Irwin, Marko Petrovic, Richard Harrington and Lauren Dalby for a last meeting. However Marko tells that he needs to fix a sensor and he goes with Harrington in a rover to the place. The loathed Kim barges into Marko's computer and finds that he has secretly discovered some sort of bacteriological life in Mars. Meanwhile the ground collapses beneath Marko and he falls and dies in a hole. Harrington asks for help and Brunel and Dalby arrive at the spot. Brunel realizes that they need a cargo gear equipment to rescue Marko and Dalby stays at the pit. When they return, Marko and Dalby have vanished and Campbell explores the pit. Meanwhile Marko and Dalby appear at the base and the Martian bacteria have transformed them in zombie-like creatures. They attack Harrington and break in the outpost, attacking the crew. Each one that dies turns into zombie. Will the survivors succeed to escape from the zombies?


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