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When the world's media descend on the remote Scottish island where a Hollywood actress is attempting to get married, a local girl is hired as a decoy bride to put the paparazzi off the scent.

Thirty-two year old Katie Nic Aoidh has just returned to where she grew up - Hegg, an island in the Outer Hebrides with a population of seventy-five - to reevaluate her life after a failed stint in Edinburgh. The one thing she knows is she has sworn off men after the latest in a long string of failed relationships. Her terminally ill mother Iseabail owns the one and only bed and breakfast on the island, the business which has been insufficient to afford her dream of seeing the world before she dies. Hegg's minor claim to fame is being the setting of author James Arber's only novel "The Ornithologist's Wife". As Hegg has no tourism to speak of, only residents of Hegg know in reading the overinflated novel that Mr. Arber has never visited Hegg, probably only having ever Googled Hegg to find what he wanted for the book as he has misrepresented the island in so many different ways. Arber is engaged to Hollywood actress Lara Tyler, arguably the most pined after woman in the world. Part of what Lara has fallen in love with is the novel. Lara and James' attempts to get married have so far been thwarted by paparazzi, one in particular, Marco Ballani, who is especially troublesome and seemingly all-knowing of Lara's whereabouts. Lara will not allow Ballani to ruin her day. So under the guise of a marketing conference, Lara and her overly efficient assistant Steve Korbitz decide the next attempt of the wedding will take place on Hegg, using all the romantic settings in the book as their guide. While many on Hegg see this marketing conference as a start to a new economic life for the island, Steve and his team have the near impossible task of creating into reality what was unknowingly only fiction in James' novel. Of the islanders, Iseabail is the first to clue into the fact that the marketing conference is not all it appears to be based on the monk who has checked into the B&B, he in actuality being Ballani in disguise. So as the rest of the paparazzi descend on the island just before the wedding ceremony, Steve devises a last second plan: to hire a decoy "Lara" to go through with the ceremony with James, the paparazzi get their photos of a veil-covered decoy in the ceremony, the paparazzi leave the island allowing Lara and James truly to get married in peace. Steve is eventually able to convince a reluctant Katie to play the decoy, she the only woman on the island who can fill the role, and despite it being dislike at first sight between Katie and James. But things do not go quite according to Steve, Lara and James' plan. With Katie with James together as "man and wife", Lara on the run and in hiding, and Steve and Ballani individually trying to find Lara, they get into one misadventure after another. But in their collective individual time, they come to some conclusions about what they really want in life.


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