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The story of the controversial Brian Clough's 44-day reign as the coach of the English football club Leeds United.

In 1974, Brian Clough was named manager of Leeds United, then one of the most successful teams in English football. He was fired 44 days later after Leeds got off to its worst start in 20 years. He had replaced the legendary Don Revie who left Leeds to become manager of England's national team but never managed to gain the loyalty of the players nor implement his own style of managing. In flashbacks, Clough's rocky relationship with Revie is revealed going back to an FA Cup match in 1968 when he felt Revie snubbed him. As presented in the film, Clough was driven to show up Revie and was a very successful manager, leading Derby County to the league championship. In the end, his ultra-sized ego and lack of concern for those around him led to his downfall. In future years Clough had great success, re-established himself as a top manager leading his teams to victory and was, in the words of the filmmaker, the greatest manager England never had.


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