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Titta di Girolamo has a regular, even tedious life--nothing extravagant apart from his own name, as he tends to say. He's been living in a hotel in the Swiss city of Lugano for eight years, spending his days waiting for some kind of change in his boring life. His existence is too rigid and detached, full of loneliness and repetitive routine. Titta ignores everyone and probably has no emotions at all. But one day he decides to break all his personal rules and exchanges some words with Sofia, the hotel barmaid. His situation suddenly changes: emotions, love, Mafia, and death violently re-enter Titta's life. —1felconeo noirishman wears eyeglasseshoteldeathswitzerland55 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesEveryone has a dark secretGenresCrimeDramaRomanceParents guide


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