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When talk radio host Emma Lloyd advises one of her listeners to break up with her boyfriend, the jilted ex sets about getting his revenge.

  • Griffin Dunne
  • Yari Film Group (YFG)
  • Blumhouse Productions
  • Team Todd
Dr. Emma Lloyd is a successful New York City relationship therapist of her own radio call-in show called "Real Love", she who espouses practical love, what she believes is real, as opposed to what most woman are searching for, namely passionate love, which she feels is unrealistic and non-sustaining for a long term relationship. She practices what she preaches, as she is engaged to Richard Braxton, her stable, straight-laced publisher. So when Sophia Chachagua of Astoria, Queens calls in asking for advice about whether she should go through with the imminent marriage to her firefighter boyfriend, Patrick Sullivan, Emma, with what little information she has on hand, implies that there is no way their marriage will work. As such, Sophia calls off the wedding, Patrick knowing the reason as he was one of the show's listeners when Sophia called in. When Patrick's computer hacker neighbor Ajay tells Patrick that he knows how to get back at Emma, Patrick eventually agrees to the plan. As it is public knowledge that Emma is soon to be married, Ajay, through hacking into the state records, can arrange for Emma already to be married, namely to Patrick. When Emma has to deal with Patrick on this issue, he plans to be as cooperative as possible while thwarting her every move to get "unmarried" to him. Complications ensue when, instead, he starts to fall for her. And as Emma, out of circumstance, has to spend more time with Patrick, which includes Patrick needing to pose as Richard for the sake of Richard's business, Emma starts to fall for Patrick, but in that passionate love sense in which she does not believe. Emma has to decide whether to go against her own long held beliefs and take a chance on Patrick, while Patrick has to decide whether to tell Emma about he being the source of the computer glitch which got them married in the first place. Richard, as the practical, methodical one, may have some say in the matter in what happens between Emma and Patrick.


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