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  • Michel Ocelot
  • Production Companies
  • Nord-Ouest Films
  • Studio O
  • StudioCanal

From the inexhaustible imagination of an eloquent writer, a creative costume designer, and an inspired graphic artist who assemble in an abandoned but magical old cinema, six allegorical tales of heroism, kindness and love intertwine with a multi-cultural journey in history at the four corners of the earth. Starting off in Medieval Europe, an unspeakable secret burdens a love-smitten young prince--while at an exotic place in the West Indies--an intrepid adventurer is aided in his quest by an unexpected trio of supporters. Next, the fatalist citizens of the extravagant Aztec City of Gold finally get their Chosen One, as a passionate boy finds his true calling somewhere in a sun-kissed West-African village. Then, a noble Tibetan youth who enjoys the King's trust brings himself to an impossibly painful dilemma--and, lastly--a fervent couple of youthful lovers is torn by a venomous curse. These are the enchanting stories of the night, where everything is possible in the name of love. —Nick Riganasimaginationtheatercinemamovie theaterwriter40 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresAnimationFamilyFantasyCertificateNot RatedParents guide


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