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A young, naive Hollywood studio assistant finally turns the tables on his incredibly abusive producer boss.

  • George Huang
  • Cineville
  • Keystone Studios
  • Mama'Z Boy Entertainment
Movie producer Buddy Ackerman is one of Hollywood's most powerful men whose quickly on the rise for someone else's higher profile job. But that doesn't make Buddy such a nice guy, which his very naive assistant Guy is just about to learn. As he barely endures and tolerates Buddy's daily rituals of constant abuse and humiliation in front of the office, Guy has his own agenda to rise within Hollywood's ranks and Buddy is his only ticket there. But when Guy learns a potentially explosive personal secret involving both he, his producer girlfriend and his boss, he's decided he's had just enough. Now Buddy is about to be on a much harsher receiving end of Guy's wrath when he's been kidnapped, held hostage, and relentlessly tortured in his own home, with both men having no idea how this night is going to end when the cards will finally be on the table.


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