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  • Paul Shapiro
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  • Von Zerneck-Sertner Films
  • Film Afrika Worldwide
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Danielle, a sheltered young teenager, travels to Florida to join her friends, Karen and Alica for college Spring Break week. Danielle falls for a good-natured local guy named Shane who runs a boat charter business with his mother Mary. Danielle also attracts some unwanted attention by J.T., a libidos fraternity party animal who will resort to anything to get Danielle to notice him. Meanwhile, Danielle's older brother, Charlie, is a marine biologist investigating a new reef where several swimmers have recently disappeared. But it turns out that schools of deadly tiger sharks have arrived in the area and Charlie tries to get the warning out before there is a huge feeding frenzy on the beaches of the Florida coast. —Matt Pataysharknatural horrorcreature featureshark featureflorida27 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesSpring Break. Some come to party. Others come for the buffet.GenresActionAdventureDramaHorrorThrillerCertificateTV-14Parents guide


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