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Two con artists' plan to steal enough for a house are twisted when a pretty girl enters the picture.

Jez, the goofy, British tech genius, and Dylan, the smarmy fast-talking Yank, are orphans. They're also con artists out to "shoot some big fish" (trick some people out of their money). See, they need two million pounds to buy the home they never had. Things get complicated when a typist they hire for a "job" turns out to be sweeter than any scam. Both gents are tripped up for Georgie who is convinced that they're modern Robin Hoods raising money for orphans. Turns out she needs the money worse than they: to save the family home which doubles as a home for special needs children. When Jez and Dylan land in jail during a financial crisis (all the fifty pound notes in the land are being reclaimed because the Queen doesn't like her picture), they have to put their faith and their cash in Georgie's hands. What's a girl to do with two million pounds?


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