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An undercover FBI agent falls in love with a recently widowed mafia wife seeking to start her life over after her husband's murder and who is also pursued by a libidinous mafia kingpin seeking to claim her for himself.

In suburban New York, 'Cucumber' Frank de Marco works for mobster Tony 'The Tiger' Russo. This mob family does everything together, with each member surviving completely from what they get from each other, which does not sit well with Frank's wife, Angela de Marco, who wants a divorce and out of the mob life but which she knows deep in her heart will and can never happen. Tony kills Frank and waitress Karen Lutnick after Tony catches Frank and Karen, his squeeze, having an affair. Neither Angela or Tony's wife, the controlling and jealous Connie Russo who is the only person Tony is truly afraid of, knows about the affairs. When Tony starts making moves on Angela, which does not sit well either with Angela or Connie, Angela decides to chuck in everything and move with her seven year old son Joey de Marco to the city, effectively running away from the mob and the only life she knows. Despite the difficulties having no money and no job, Angela wants them to lead a clean life. FBI agent Mike Downey, who along with his partner Ed Benitez have been tailing Tony and his gang, believes Tony killed Frank and Karen, which if he could get evidence of such could place Tony behind bars for the rest of his life. Mike believes Angela could be the key to nabbing Tony, as he also believes Angela's move to the city is to set up a love nest for her and Tony. Complications ensue when Tony does find Angela in the city, when Connie finds that Tony has found Angela, as Tony gets into a violent mob war, and as Mike gets closer to Angela than he expected, each falling for the other in the process without her knowing he is FBI.


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