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  • Michael S. Ojeda
  • Production Companies
  • Cart Before The Horse Productions
  • Green Dog Films
  • Raven Banner Entertainment

Empowered by love and determined to move in with her long-distance boyfriend, the kind twenty-four-year-old deaf woman, Zoe, summons up her courage for a one-way trip across the vast and desolate American South-west, eager for a fresh start. Instead, Zoe encounters a band of sadistic white supremacists who will torture her, and leave her for dead in a shallow grave. There, in the serene and barren desert of New Mexico, a wise Native-American Shaman performs an ancient ritual of resurrection, unbeknownst to him that the impatient wandering spirits of the dead Apaches always crave for revenge. As a result, a betrayed entity creeps into Zoe, making her a vessel of retribution, to pitilessly destroy all those who wronged her, one by one. Now, Zoe is unstoppable. Can the savaged woman avenge her death? —Nick Riganasrape and revengedeafnesswhite trashredsploitationgore43 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisTaglinesThey took her body. She'll take their souls.GenresActionFantasyHorrorThrillerCertificateRParents guide


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