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  • David Flores
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  • Starz!
  • In 1923, legendary film Director Cecil B. DeMille finished the epic film, The Ten Commandments (1923). After filming was completed, he bulldozed the sets into the Guadalupe Sand Dunes of the central California coast. His reasons for doing so were very mysterious. This story gives a fictional explanation as to why he did it. There was a legitimate Egyptian artifact amongst the props, but they didn't know which one was trapping the spirit of an Egyptian avenging god. Mysterious murders and accidents while making the film brings things back to the surface today, and it starts all over again.

  • Iraq military logistics veteran Mark Tevis joins disabled grandfather George, who finally pursues his lifelong dream: digging up in a Californian desert, the film set for legendary epic films Director Cecil B. DeMille's Biblical The Ten Commandments (1923), which he saw as the young son of the location scout. They find a box containing George's childhood treasure, including an amulet. This unleashes a curse from early Phanaonic times, liberating the monster henchman of the evil god Seth, who starts by ripping off George's arm, a fatal wound. Expedition leader Alice hires Mark to speed up the emergency dig, but the entire crew is terrorized by the curse. Her nearly divorced husband Jesse Carter deciphers the atypical hieroglyphs, but is possessed himself.


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