Netflix Movies Starring Todd A. Robinson

It was clear from very early on that Todd was destined for some sort of creative career. Both of his parents are artists/musicians, and never held him back from exploring various expressive outlets. It was this nurturing that has forged him for the long haul of "living the dream". After serving in the US Navy Submarine Corps as a nuclear missile technician, Todd settled in Portland, Oregon. After a brief stint in rock and roll, he found himself immersed in a burgeoning independent production community, where he has gained invaluable experience and insight on both sides of the camera. Along with a respectable career as a character actor, he has worked as a producer and/or assistant director on a number of short and feature films, as well as directing some short films and a TV pilot episode. In 2015, Todd was named Head of Development for Polluted Pictures, a Portland, OR based production company that has recently been gaining international attention with its slate of feature film projects. Read more on iMDB