Netflix Movies Starring Sy Richardson

Sy Richardson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Chicago Illinois. He attended fourteen elementary schools, five high schools and three colleges before he figured it out. An artist is a free spirit and boredom is a breath away from than death. He is married to a former Blue Satin model. Sy has one step daughter and two granddaughters. He started singing at twelve and recorded his first record with Lil June and the Januarys at sixteen. Served two years on active duty with the United States Navy. Richardson graduated from UC Boulder with a BS in Journalism specializing in advertising. After a short stint with several Colorado newspapers, he opted to act and joined the Heritage Square Opera House. He performed in vaudeville shows and Olios for two years and moved to Hollywood. His career has taken him to film locations from the US to Europe, South America and Australia. Read more on iMDB