Netflix Movies Starring Ryan Guzman

Ryan Anthony Guzman is a Mexican/American actor, model, and mixed martial arts fighter. He was born September 21, 1987 in Abilene, Texas, to Lisa (Hudson) and Ray Guzman. After his fathers' service in the Air Force ended, the family moved to Sacramento, CA to raise Ryan and later on his younger brother Steven. In 2006 Guzman was a Left Handed pitcher for his collegiate team in Rocklin, CA, while simultaneously becoming a successful model in San Francisco, and training in Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A.). The end of his baseball career in 2009 offered him ample time devote to his love for Martial Arts and he soon found himself fighting in the octagon as a welterweight (170lbs). In Sept of 2010 he decided to move to Los Angeles and within 6 month he found himself having success doing commercials. Read more on iMDB