Netflix Movies Starring Mark Sivertsen

Mark Sivertsen has been an actor for over 29 years. As an Air Force brat, Mark was raised in Fairfield, California before moving to Los Angeles at 18 years of age. Early on, Mark started out as a stuntman before transitioning into modeling. Acting came next and his screen career took off in 1985. Since then, Mark has appeared in films. Mark Sivertsen is thrilled to once again be working with director Ric Roman Waugh as a cast member of Shot Caller, currently filming in New Mexico. Mark started as a stuntman and has since built a career in film and television as an actor. Some notable roles include: The Last Stand (2013), Paul (2011), North Country (2005), Love Ranch (2010), Breaking Bad (2010), Castle (2015), Criminal Minds (2014), Dig (2014), Messengers (2015), Drop Dead Diva (2013), and Necessary Roughness (2013). Read more on iMDB