Netflix Movies Starring Kim Rossi Stuart

Kim Rossi Stuart was born on October 31th, 1969 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. He began acting at the age of 5 along with his father Giacomo Rossi Stuart in The Murri Affair (1974). Kim's mother, Klara Müller, is an ex-top model. Kim has 3 sisters, 2 of them actresses like him: Loretta Rossi Stuart and Valentina Rossi Stuart, the latter also stunt-woman. Ombretta is the third sister. Kim left his parent's home at 14 (1983) and also left school to study theater and in 1986 began acting regularly, especially on TV productions, like The Cave of the Golden Rose (1991) and for the cinema with a small role in The Name of the Rose (1986). However it was with Karate Warrior (1987) and Poliziotti (1995) that Kim reached popularity. After this commercial movie he began to act only in quality movies, like Senza pelle (1994) where his role, a man with psychological problems, was appreciated by critics. Read more on iMDB