Netflix Movies Starring John Wengraf

A great number of Austrian and German actors were forced to flee their homeland during the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in the late 1930s only to find themselves smack dab in Hollywood pictures playing thoroughly nefarious Gestapo commanders. Viennese performer John Wengraf was one such actor. Born in 1897, his father was a theatre critic whose occupation obviously encouraged John's early interest in performing. His acting career began on the repertory stage in 1920, eventually becoming a member of the Vienna Volkstheater. He went on to earn a sturdy reputation as a dramatic performer both in his homeland and in Berlin. Emigrating to England in 1933 as the Nazis began their rise to power, Wengraf appeared unbilled in a couple of films there, as well as in some of the first BBC live-television shows ever presented but his career began to languish. Read more on iMDB