Netflix Movies Starring John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh is one of Ireland's underrated character actors. Little detail is given on him, yet he has appeared in many well-known films and television series alongside a variety of actors. Kavanagh began his career with the Irish comedy, Paddy (1970), where he played the small role of "Willie Egan". That same year, he played another small role in the World War II film, The McKenzie Break (1970), which is about a P.O.W. camp, in Scotland, whose prisoners are preparing an escape. The next twelve years brought Kavanagh no new films, though he continued to act on stage. Finally, he decided to return to screen acting with the theatrical film, The Ballroom of Romance (1982), which put him in a romance with accomplished actress Brenda Fricker. The film was followed up with the small film, Attracta (1983), and the made-for-television movie, The Country Girls (1984), starring Sam Neill. Read more on iMDB