Netflix Movies Starring Jean Parker

Jean Parker was born Lois Mae Green in Deer Lodge, MT, in 1915. Her father was Lewis Green, a gunsmith and hunter, and her mother was Melvina Burch, one of 18 children of a pioneer family that came to Deer Lodge from Missouri and Iowa. Jean's maternal grandfather was a Presbyterian minister. Jean was an accomplished gymnast and dancer, and was adopted by the Spickard family of Pasadena during her formative years when both her father and mother were unemployed during the Great Depression. Jean had entered a poster painting contest and won for portraying Father Time. Ida Koverman, assistant to MGM studio chief Louis B. Mayer, heard that a pretty teenage girl had won the contest; she contacted Jean, and when she saw how pretty Jean actually was had Mayer offer her an MGM contract. Jean made several important films in her career, including The Ghost Goes West (1935) with Robert Donat; Sequoia (1934) with Russell Hardie, shot in the Sequoia National Forest near Springville, CA; Little Women (1933) with Joan Bennett and Katharine Hepburn; Operator 13 (1934) with Marion Davies; and many other fine films. Read more on iMDB