Netflix Movies Starring Jason Shane Scott

Jason-Shane Scott was born in Los Angeles and moved to Reno, Nevada at the age of two. Jason's mother wanted to name him Jason but his father had adamantly always dreamed his son being named Shane after the classic film of the same name. They compromised, thus leading to Jason-Shane's hyphened first name. The youngest of two children, his parents divorced and his father moved back to Los Angeles. Jason would often visit his dad,a school teacher,where he first got a glimpse at the entertainment industry. Jason was very athletic during his school years and his prowess in football gained him several college scholarship offers out of High School. During his playing days Jason set and still owns three Nevada State records. After leading his school to the State Championship and graduating from Wooster High School, Jason couldn't shake the acting bug and decided to forgo college and moved to Los Angeles to begin his career. Read more on iMDB