Netflix Movies Starring Jacob Smith

John Jacob Charles William Smith was born in Monrovia, California on January 21, 1990. He has appeared in many hit films such as Hansel & Gretel (2002), Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), and much more. He has played several other roles for television shows, commercials, and movies. He is very active, and loves to skateboard. Along with skateboarding, he likes baseball, basketball, swimming, and much more. Besides being an active kid, he likes to hang out with friends, and likes to talk. His parents are divorced, and he currently resides in the Los Angeles area. He's friends with Blake Woodruff, his co-star, and a lot more. His favorite color is blue, while his favorite animal is the panda. He has one dog, and one cat. His favorite food is pizza, while his drink is chocolate shake. He's very active, and he just wants to be a normal boy. Read more on iMDB