Netflix Movies Starring Hrant Alianak

Hrant Alianak has recently written, directed and produced two feature films "A Trip To The Island" and "Burning, Burning". He first made his debut as a writer in 1972 in Toronto with his play "Tantrums". Other plays he has written and directed include his Gangster trilogy, "Night", "Passion And Sin" and "Lucky Strike", as well as "The Blues" and "The Walls Of Africa". He started producing in 1992 and formed his company Alianak Theatre Productions which continued producing and developing plays until 2012. He has also had a substantial career as an actor and has appeared in over a hundred and fifty television programs, made for TV movies and films. He was nominated for his performance in Atom Egoyan's film, "Family Viewing" in the supporting actor category. He has had recurring roles in numerous series and has appeared in 4 episodes of "Robocop", 5 episodes of "More Tears", 2 episodes of "Nikita", 8 episodes of "Nero Wolfe", 2 episodes of "Monk", 5 episodes of "At The Hotel", 13 episodes of "Jeff Ltd. Read more on iMDB