Netflix Movies Starring Bruce Glover

An instinct for acting showed very early for Bruce in 1935,he didn't know it was acting when at 3 he distracted his Mom from the worries of Depression Era Chicago by recreating stuff they'd seen at the movies like FDR struggling to walk, putting his little body thru it, to try to understand by experiencing it. A knack for comedy showed when as part of a church pageant his 1 line ''No room at the Inn.'' booming hugely out of a tiny body sent the whole congregation into laughter. He so enjoyed it he repeated it even louder to louder laughter then again and again continuing even as he's chased by the minister all over the alter to gales of laughter. A memory that still makes him laugh. At 6 he had his 1st., job 60 cents for 6 days of delivering groceries. Read more on iMDB