Netflix Movies Starring Brian Kerwin

Lanky, blue-eyed blond American lead and second lead from Chicago whose fresh-scrubbed Ivy League good looks were first noticed on TV soaps and a couple of rugged series. His sensitive, innocent-eyed charm sometimes belied a less-than-honorable nature, as was the case when he played Sally Field's ne'er-do-well ex-husband in the film Murphy's Romance (1985). The attention he merited here led to the staunch lead in the film King Kong Lives (1986) and the promise of big-screen stardom, but things didn't quite jell. For the most part, however, he has kept a pleasant visibility on the small screen and especially in the theater. He was singled out for his performance in the stage version of "Torch Song Trilogy" and was later asked to co-star in the movie adaptation by the show's star/writer Harvey Fierstein. Read more on iMDB