Netflix Movies Starring April Telek

Award-winning film & television actress April Telek was born and raised in North Vancouver, British Columbia. After landing her first modeling gig at the age of ten, April quickly realized her love for the camera, and while growing up as a child actor and international model, April was enrolled in a "Super Achievers" program designed specifically for kids with professional careers in school. Upon graduation, she decided to commit herself full-time to "the craft" and hasn't stopped working since. In 1994, April went on to win the title of "Miss Canada", which took her to 17 international competitions, including "Miss Asia Pacific" in the Philippines, and "Miss Top Model of the World" in Istanbul, Turkey. She has also had the honor of being titled "Hottest Canadian Talent" on the web and was voted "First Wave Babe of the Month" on more than one occasion. Read more on iMDB