Netflix Movies Starring Alexia Fast

Originally from Vancouver and bilingual in French, Alexia Fast first took an interest in acting at the early age of seven when she wrote, directed and starred in a short film entitled "The Red Bridge". The film premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival and the Reel to Reel Festival. Alexia continued to write short stories while she spent the next couple years trying to convince her parents to help find her an agent.Instead of being home schooled, Alexia attended an academically aggressive high school, where she was able to thrive in her studies but also permitted to be absent while filming. At just age 11, Alexia booked her very first feature film role. It was the Lionsgate feature "Fido", opposite Carrie Anne Moss. "Fido" premiered at Sundance and at the Toronto Film Festival. Alexia plays a gun wielding, prissy girl next door in this zombie comedy. Read more on iMDB