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The Russian government hires the veterans of the Police Academy (1984) to help deal with the Mafia.

Russian mafia boss Konstantine Konali is laundering money under the guise of a legitimate business. The business: a highly addictive video game that allows him to bring down almost any security system controlled by a computer on which the game has been played, with a string of major robberies as the result. Desperate to nail Konali, Commandant Alexandrei Nikolaivich Rakov sends for help from America. Rakov decides to bring in someone he met at a convention a month ago. This person is Commandant Eric Lassard. Lassard briefs his team about the mission in Russia, then they head to Moscow. Along with Lassard in Moscow are Sergeant Larvelle Jones, Sergeant Eugene Tackleberry, Captain Debbie Callahan, Cadet Kyle Connors, and Captain Thaddeus Harris. As they plan to nail Konali, he has cooked up a new scheme -- create an even better version of the Game by making it good enough to bring down absolutely any computer security system in the world, including the systems that protect the databases that belong to world powers.


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