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Two dirty copies decide to extort a lord mobster using an account book they found during the investigation of a murder case.

  • Gilles Paquet-Brenner
  • Hugo Films
  • Les Productions De La Guéville
  • M6 Métropole Télévision
In Marseille, the lazy and dirty police Detective Maxime "Max" Tavarès is assigned by Commissaire Cagnoty to work with Detective Carlos Gomez, who has just been transferred from Paris. Gomez has problem to accept the procedures of the corrupt Max and they investigate the apparent suicide of the accountant Lucino. The efficient Gomez finds a four leaf clover into Lucino's nose and they seek out his daughter, the stripper Paulina Lucino, and who might be the killer. They stumble with two criminals in front of her building and they arrest them. When a hit-man posing of lawyer kills the two men in the district, Gomez and Max conclude that there is an informer in the precinct. Meanwhile they contact Paulina and she asks for protection and a painting of her mother that is on the wall of her father's apartment. Meanwhile Max is pressed by the Internal Affairs to help in the investigation of his partner, who lives in a fancy and expensive house with his wife, two sons and his sister Gina and is more corrupt then him. When they find an account book in Lucino's safe, Paulina is the only one that can decipher the document. However Max and Gomez decide to use the document to extort the powerful mobster lord Silvio Baginorelli) and raise money. Will they succeed in their intent?


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