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Every man has a different recollection of the beautiful young woman who wreaked havoc on their lives during one heated night.

Randy is a down-on-his-luck bartender whose life is turned upside down after working hard one night at the local bar McCool's when he encounters Jewel, a seductive woman and save her from a man who was raping her. After being seduced by Jewel, The man who was raping her is her jealous boyfriend, Utah and Jewel have set up Randy so they can rob him. After Jewel kills Utah, Jewel and Randy become a couple and Jewel takes over Randy's home. But Jewel begins to encourage Randy to rob other people's houses so she can turn Randy's house into the perfect home. Carl, Randy's cocky cousin finds himself being driven crazy by Jewel and Detective Dehling, investigating the robberies and Utah's death finds himself falling in love with Jewel.


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