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Escaped convict Sam Gillen single handedly takes on ruthless developers determined to evict Clydie - a widow with two young children. Nobody knows who Sam is.

Sam Gillen is a convict who gets sprung from Federal custody somewhere in the Midwest by his bank-robbing partner. In their last heist, Sam's partner killed a bank guard, and Sam took the rap for it. Sam's partner gets killed in the break, forcing Sam to go it alone in search of the loot, which is buried on the property of a farm inhabited by Clydie Anderson, the widowed mother of two kids named Mike "Mookie" Anderson and Bree Anderson. Attempting to sneak into Clydie's house and "borrow" some salt for a campfire-broiled steak, Sam catches sight of Clydie taking a shower. Sam is spotted by Mookie. After saving Clydie, Mookie, and Bree from a trio of intruding thugs, Sam discovers that Clydie is holding out from selling her place to property developer Franklin Hale, who fears that he will be put out of business if he doesn't get Clydie's land so he can develop on it. Sam decides to hang around, sleeping first in Clydie's barn and then in her bed, while repairing her late husband's Triumph motorcycle. And Hale hires an intimidation expert named Dunston, to force Clydie into selling her land. Secretly on Hale's payroll is corrupt sheriff Lonnie Cole, a sometime lover of Clydie. A jealous Lonnie discovers Sam's true identity and threatens to expose him if he doesn't leave. Not wanting to place Clydie in additional danger for helping a fugitive, Sam decides to leave, only to find that Hale has already blown the whistle on him in an attempt to get him out of the way. After evading police chasing him in cars, land rovers, helicopters, and on motorcycles and horseback, Sam returns to save Clydie from Dunston and Hale, who are planning to burn down her house.


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