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  • J. Lee Thompson
  • Production Companies
  • The Rank Organisation
  • Marcel Hellman Productions
  • Set on the North West Frontier of colonial India in 1905. A British Army Officer, Captain Scott is sent to rescue a five year old Indian Prince and his American governess, Catherine Wyatt from certain death at the hands of rebel tribesman.

  • In northwestern India soon after the turn of the 20th Century, Moslem rebels seek to kill a six-year-old Hindu prince to end his family line. Captain Scott of the British Army is ordered to get the prince out of the region safely. Adventure ensues as Scott sneaks the child away, through Moslem-held territory, by train. Also on board are the boy's American governess, an arms merchant, a cynical reporter, and two upper class Britons.

  • In colonial India's NW frontier province, usually rivaling Muslim tribes have united against the Hindus and slay leading Rajah, whose son, prince Kishan (6), has been saved at the last minute. By the time his party arrives in the British governor's capital, it's under siege and may fall soon. Captain Scott leads an attempt to escape with the prince and a few Westerners, such as half-Javan Dutchman Van Leyden, a US newspaper's critical correspondent, by ramming loyal Gupta's decommissioned steam train Old Victoria trough the barricade by surprise. However danger lurks all the long way, and not just from outside.


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