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Ravaging the land like a pitiless scourge, Vee Duncan's savage gang of cutthroats massacre the entire tribe of a peaceful Navajo village, scalping them all for a dollar apiece. With his companion brutally murdered, the Navajo native and the slaughter's sole survivor, Joe, stealthily pursues the blood-thirsty outlaws on their way to the small town of Esperanza, where a treacherous member of the community encourages Duncan to hijack a government train crammed with cash. Their well-thought strategy guarantees success; however, Navajo Joe still thirsts for retribution. Can a single man foil the plans of Duncan's ferocious crowd of killers? —Nick Riganasrevengearizona territoryarizonaindian burial groundsavage136 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesRelentless in his vengeance! Deadly in his violence!GenreWesternCertificateNot RatedParents guide


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