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A martian lands on Earth and makes friends with a reporter.

News producer Tim O'Hara gets himself fired for unwillingly compromising his bosses' daughter Brace Channing during a live transmission. A little later, he witnesses the crashing of a small martian spacecraft, realizing his one-time chance of delivering a story that will rock the earth. Since Tim took the original, but scaled down spaceship with him, the martian follows him to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the electron accelerator is broken and the martian seeks Tim's help. Tim and "uncle Martin" now stay together, but Tim tapes the Alien with hidden cameras for his story of a lifetime. Ruthless Brace acquires the cassettes after Tim has become a friend with Martin and decided otherwise. Not only do they now have to hinder the publication of the material, but also will the (rental) spaceship self-destruct, if not back in space in a few hours.


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