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Police Lieutenant Lon McQ investigates the killing of his best friend and uncovers corrupt elements of the police department dealing in confiscated drugs.

  • John Sturges
  • Batjac Productions
  • Levy-Gardner
  • Warner Bros.
In Seattle, two uniformed police officers and plainclothesman Stan Boyle are found shot, the two uniformed officers to death, early one morning. Boyle's partner, Lt. Lon McQ, is certain local hood Manuel Santiago is behind these killings, especially after a known hitman employed by Santiago tries to kill McQ. Defying the orders of his superior, Captain Ed Kosterman, McQ tails Santiago. After confrontations with both Santiago and Kosterman and despite the sympathy of city councilman Franklin Toms, McQ enlists the help of private detective "Pinky" Farrell, and soon becomes involved in a major narcotics deal - one that blows up in the face of both McQ and Santiago and which leads to the discovery of a stunning secret for McQ.


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