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Brooks Wilson is in crisis. He is torn between his wife Selma and two daughters and his mistress Grace, and also between his career as a successful illustrator and his feeling that he might...

Commercial graphic artist Brooks Wilson is in an emotional quandary. He used to want to do right by all those around him - including his loving wife Selma and their two young daughters, his agent Edward and subsequently his clients, and even his mistress Grace who would like Brooks to eventually leave Selma for her - but he has basically given up, feeling the need to please is now more an aggravation to his life. He goes on drinking binges during work meetings which results in him alienating those around him who could help him get ahead in his career. Selma knows that not all is perfect in their life, but she doesn't know the full extent of the problem beyond the work insecurity issue and thus how best to provide the support he needs. Despite these failings, he is on the verge of landing the biggest account of his career with truck manufacturer Lepridon, an account about which he has mixed feelings. On the one hand, getting the account would boost his name in the business. On the other hand, in his own words, "who wants to draw trucks for the rest of their life". His life problems culminate the outcome of a drunken decision at a neighborhood party.


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