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Plastic surgeon Larry Roberts performs a series of minor alterations on a group of models who are seeking perfection. The operations are a resounding success. But when someone starts ...

LAPD Lieutenant Masters questions Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Roberts on the deaths of three of his patients. Those deaths look like they may be suicide, but they are also suspicious in their connection to Larry, who ends up being a suspect if they were indeed murdered. All three are television commercial actresses, who came in to Larry to have minor cosmetic surgery done, each with detailed specifications down to the millimeter of the work they wanted. All three were also beautiful to begin with, Larry who would have advised against having any surgery done if it wasn't for their specifications. What Larry does not divulge is that the third victim came back to him asking him to undo what he did, as "they" were out to get her for being too perfect. Another of Larry's patients, Cindy Fairmont, is going through what the other three already went through, and as such could be a fourth victim. Larry finds out that all four have connections to a technology research firm, Digital Matrix, led by Jennifer Long. Digital Matrix does much work for Reston Industries, led by John Reston, whose businesses include manufacture of several products and the production of television commercials. Jennifer is up front to Larry that they did do some work for Reston which involved technology to measure the perception of perfection of human subjects in commercials, which led the four actresses, unprompted, to get the cosmetic surgery done. However, Jennifer states that Digital Matrix abandoned that work, instead opting for 3D computer modeling of human subjects, those perfect computer models which could be used in place of the humans in television commercials, but for which the human subjects would get paid in perpetuity for the use of their likeness. Larry knows that Jennifer and Reston are not divulging all the work they are doing together in this matter, which could be the key to finding out what happened to the three victims, with both Cindy and Larry possibly victims number 4 and 5 if Jennifer and Reston find they are getting too close to the truth.


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