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Documentary focusing on the career of pro wrestler Bret Hart & his controversial exit from the WWF.

  • Paul Jay
  • High Road Productions
  • National Film Board Of Canada (NFB)
  • TVOntario
Bret Hart, five times' champion of the World Wrestling Federation, sits in a hotel room - one day before the most important fight of his life. Sure, it's just professional wrestling, but this match is different. It will be Bret's last in the WWF, a company for whom he's been the top guy and loyal champion for years. The owner of the company, the legendary Vince McMahon, wants him out, only months after signing an unprecedented twenty years contract. Now he wants him to lose his final match as well. It's not just another wrestling show for Bret. This fight will determine how his character 'The Hitman', wrestling's favourite good guy for the last decade, will be remembered. Sitting in a hotel room, one day before the match. What Bret doesn't know, is that he will be the target of the biggest double cross in the history of professional wrestling. Over the span of one year, an award winning documentary film crew followed Bret Hart. They hoped for an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the WWF. What they got was the most dramatic story in history of wrestling. HITMAN HART is a story about loyalty and betrayal, money and greed, dignity and disgrace. It's about fathers and sons, fans and icons, and keeping one's integrity in a world of moral uncertainty. In a word, it's a film about being human.
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