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Troy and Gabriella - two teens who are worlds apart - meet at a karaoke contest and discover their mutual love for music.

New Year's Eve - Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are at a ski resort during winter break. Troy is a popular basketball player and Gabriella is a girl Einstein. They are forced to sing karaoke together but afterwords exchange numbers. After winter break, Troy returns to his school in Albequerque, New Mexico, where he is surprised to discover Gabriella is a new student. They become friends quickly and decide to audition for the Winter Musical in pairs. They get callbacks, and have upset drama queen Sharpay Evans and her brother Ryan. Troy's friend Chad becomes upset because he is afraid that Troy will become distracted from the basketball championship. Gabriella's friend Taylor wants her on the Decathelon team and is willing to do anything to get her on the team. Chad and Taylor decide to film Troy saying how Gabriella isn't important after Chad tricks him into saying it. Taylor shows the video to Gabriella. Gabriella then refuses to do the callbacks with Troy. Meanwhile, Sharpay and Ryan manipulate the callbacks to the same time as the championship game.


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