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Dr. Sparrow graduates and sets out into the world. Hilarious internships with a miserly doctor and his young wife, a country doctor paid in kind not cash, and a quack specializing in rich ...

Now a fully qualified doctor, Simon Sparrow hopes to specialize in surgery. There is only one post available at the hospital and he faces stiff competition from Charles Bingham. While working in casualty he fails to recognize one of the hospital governors, Charles Hopcroft, and tells the man somewhat brusquely to wait in the queue. Convinced he will never get the surgical appointment, Sparrow takes on a number of temporary appointments. He heads off to a country practice where the senior doctor's wife seems just a little too interested in him. He then works in a posh Harley Street practice and does quite well. On a holiday with his friend Tony Benskin - who has yet to qualify - he rescues Mr. Hopcroft from a rather embarrassing situation. His chances of becoming a surgeon improve considerably.


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