The Joys of Zero Commercials on Netflix

If you're enjoying quality film or television on a streaming site online, not many things can be a bigger buzzkill than the interruption of seemingly nonstop boring and lengthy advertisements and commercials. That's just one of the many reasons why Netflix is so beloved with millions of customers all over the United States. Netflix, in stark contrast with Hulu, for example, doesn't ever force its viewers to have to endure constant barrages of commercials. Since Hulu depends heavily on advertisements, it's a totally different experience for viewers.

Studies indicate that people on Netflix currently watch approximately 1.5 hours of the on-demand website's movies and television programs every day. Nielsen indicates that a single hour of TV consists of roughly 15 and 1/2 minutes of advertisements. Extreamist performed some mathematical calculations and came to the conclusion that Netflix viewers bypass a whopping 130 hours of commercials and advertisements every year. Although many people argue that Netflix encourages people to sit around for hours and hours on end binge watching some of the available television programs and movies, the streaming website is far from a sad and hopeless state of affairs. It saves people from the frustration and hassle of having to watch the same dull and irritating carpet cleaner or bank commercials over and over again, after all. Remember, viewers who depend on other online streaming sites often have to tolerate actual days of these annoying and persistent commercials that never ever seem to stop. As far as subject matter goes, these commercials run the gamut, too. Many of them promote brand new technological innovations, for example. Some of them, on the other hand, try to encourage people to completely abandon their diets and try out the newest unhealthy fried concoctions that are available at their nearby fast food joints. The options simply go on and on and on. Commercials are immensely powerful and people who watch commercial-packed streaming sites often feel absolutely defenseless against their undeniable strengths.

Since people who watch Netflix don't have to be concerned about wasting so much valuable time on pesky ads and commercials day in and day out, it frees them up to accomplish a whole lot more with their time. Many people use the precious time they save watching Netflix by allowing themselves to indulge in even more of the popular streaming site. One of the biggest joys of Netflix is the fact that it has so many diverse options for eager viewers. Netflix users can spend blocks of hours just browsing their many choices in dramas, foreign flicks, action movies, mysteries, stand-up comics, horror fests and romantic comedies galore, just to mention a few standout examples.

Since Netflix offers convenient monthly subscriptions to customers, it doesn't instantly help the provider when viewers watch more of it. The more Netflix people watch, however, the more they'll end up speaking about it to other people who haven't yet signed up and paid for it themselves. That definitely can do wonders for the company in the short-term. If you conserve close to 150 hours of your time each year by turning to Netflix instead of some of the many other choices in well-known streaming sites out there, you get the luxury to potentially discover an abundance of films and television shows you wouldn't have thought about in any other situation. Many people find out about some of their favorite films and television shows simply by checking out all of the newest and most popular choices on Netflix. Netflix can help open television and movie lovers up to vast universes of undiscovered and underrated gems.