7 Life-Changing Netflix Hacks

With its easy to use website and apps, it is hard to imagine how Netflix could possibly be more convenient. However, with these quick tips and a few simple Google Chrome add-ons, you can binge watch your favorite shows and movies however you want to.

1. Prevent Pauses Between Shows

When you’re deep into a binge of a suspenseful television show in the middle of the night, even those brief 30 second pauses between each episode can be annoying. Get rid of all pauses and watch the episodes back to back with the Netflix Pause Removal add-on.

2. Watch Netflix With Long Distance Friends

You don’t have to make your friends come over in order to enjoy watching something together. The Chrome add-on, Netflix Party, allows several different people to stream the same Netflix item at the same time. The add-on even includes the opportunity for everyone to chat with each other as they watch.

3. Delete Anything Embarrassing

Watching all of the latest Degrassi season in just a few days might be fun, but it’s not something you will want your new boyfriend to see the first time he comes over. The “Continue Watching” section can be full of all sorts of embarrassing secrets that you may not want to share with anyone who wants to watch Netflix with you. It might seem a bit complicated, but it is actually quite easy to delete just enough to save face without looking suspicious. All you have to do is go to the icon in the upper quarter of the right side and click on the “Your Account” section. Then go to “Viewing Activity” and remove anything that you would rather keep secret.

4. Browse Hidden Categories

Everyone knows about Netflix’s basic categories, like “TV Comedies,” but did you know that you can actually browse through categories such as “Steamy Romantic Movies” or “Showbiz Musicals”? Typically, to access these hidden categories, you have to type in a specific number code in the web address. A new Google Chrome add-on, Netflix Super Browse gives you the option of adding a menu with all of these categories, so you can see all the movies and tv shows within your favorite, oddly specific genre.

5. Retrieve More Information

Netflix ratings tend to be a little random, so it is hard to figure out whether or not you’ll actually be interested in a certain show or film. There is a simple to use add-on for Google Chrome that adds Rotten Tomato ratings, trailers, and IMDB information to each item on the Netflix page. NEnhancer is easily added if you use Google Chrome as your browser.

6. Watch Movies and Shows at work

Strict bosses tend to get a bit grumpy about workers watching Netflix on company time, but the Helium app lets you get around any strict regulations. This app turns Netflix into a floating window that will turn translucent when necessary. This way, you can watch Netflix while still getting a bit of work done as you look at whatever boring report or spreadsheet you have to deal with. If you need to quickly remove any evidence of watching Netflix, a brief tap of the icon makes it look like you are doing nothing but working on your actual work.

7. Control Your Phone With Netflix

If your laptop is at the end of the bed or sitting on the coffee table, you may not want to have to get up to change or pause what you are watching. The Remote to Netflix app seems like something only the laziest person would get, but it’s surprisingly convenient.

 * Bonus

For those lying around the house watching Netflix, a perfect add-on to your tabled is the iBeani which props up your tablet so you don't have to hold it all the time and strain your neck. Definitely a must-have.