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A modern-day take on the "Beauty and the Beast" tale where a New York teen is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find true love.

A chip off the not-so-old or modest block, Kyle Kingson is a high school senior at prestigious Buckston Academy High School in New York City. He knows that he is wealthy and good-looking, and, based on the tenets of Rob Kingson, his wealthy, good-looking and self-absorbed news anchor father, Kyle believes those traits get one everything in life. Smug Kyle treats poorly and with disdain those who are unattractive or different. Although Kyle is generally idolized by his classmates, there are the few who want to see him brought down a notch or three because of his vainglorious attitude, and chief amongst them is Kendra. After a prank Kyle perpetrates on her--one that she saw coming a mile away--Kendra, a sorceress, places a spell on Kyle, disfiguring his face. The spell will be broken if someone can truly tell him that she loves him. If no one does so within a year, the disfigurement will be permanent. As Rob implies that he would rather have a dead son than an ugly son, he places Kyle in hiding, with only their housekeeper, Jamaican immigrant Zola Davies (who Kyle previously also treated poorly), and a tutor, a blind man named Will, in the house with Kyle. Kyle quickly changes his attitude because of his situation. He can see that he loves Lindy, a classmate to whom he never paid any attention in three years of going to the same school. She, self-described as more substance over style, is smart but from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks, and trying to get away from the troubled life with her drug-addicted father. More than anything, Kyle wants to be her protector, especially from that life. Teaching Kyle to know how to act around someone like Lindy may be a little more difficult than changing his attitude, but he requires and accepts the help of the more insightful Zola and Will. Regardless, Kyle still has to overcome his physical appearance, which he cannot do before someone (Lindy, he hopes) tells him that she truly loves him for who he is inside.


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