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A young man is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, and must make sure his high-school-age parents unite in order to save his own existence.

When an ordinary American teenager named Marty McFly steps into a DeLorean that his mad scientist friend has turned into a time machine, he's sent back to 1955. On his quest to get back to the 1985 he knows, Marty will encounter the people who will one day be his parents. There's just one problem – his trip to the past might interfere with his parents' love story and obliterate his very existence.

Marty is a typical 1980s teen growing up in a small town in California. He's got aspirations of becoming a musician and has a beautiful girlfriend named Jennifer, but Marty isn't exactly satisfied with his life. His pushover dad and boozy mom aren't the best role models, and his underachieving older siblings don't seem to be on a much better path. Dad George works for Biff Tannen, a confirmed bully who rides roughshod over him. Mom Lorraine is overweight and copes with life's disappointments by drinking and reminiscing about the past. Her favorite recollections revolve around her heydays in high school, particularly the memorable occasion when her father hit George McFly with the family car. It was the beginning of their romance, leading to their marriage and three children.

Marty's best friend is mad scientist Doc Brown. He may be a few decades older than Marty, but these two definitely have a lot in common. Brown's latest creation is a time machine that he fashioned from a rare DeLorean sports car. One night, Marty meets Doc in the parking lot of the local mall to test the new invention. The experiment is interrupted when terrorists arrive. It seems that Doc Brown has made a dubious business deal with the terrorists, and now they're out for revenge. Marty leaps to the safety of the DeLorean in an attempt to outrun the terrorists. Instead, he activates the time machine, propelling him back to 1955. After taking a few moments to recover from his shocking journey, Marty sets out to find his way back to the future with the help of a 30 years younger Doc Brown. Along the way he encounters his teenaged parents and nearly upsets his entire existence when he hilariously comes between them.

Universal Studios released Back to the Future, now a Netflix favorite, on July 3, 1985. It went on to spend 11 weeks as the number one box office draw. In fact, its second weekend of release received higher gross profits than the first, something that the filmmakers attributed to positive word of mouth. Production on the film, which had an estimated budget of $19,000,000, originated in 1980 when writer Bob Gale and writer/director Robert Zemeckis pitched the idea at Columbia pictures. Eventually Columbia rejected the project, as did several other studios over the next four years. Gale and Zemeckis rewrote the script, and finally connected with Stephen Spielberg in order to get the project accepted at Universal. It took 100 days to finally shoot the film in early 1985. The Universal back lot and various locations around California were utilized in the shoot. Perhaps the most interesting production note for Netflix users relates to the film's star, Michael J. Fox. Initially, he was unavailable to make the movie, forcing producers to hire Eric Stoltz instead. After four weeks of filming, Zemeckis knew that his leading man was miscast. The producers entered into negotiations, and were finally able to secure Fox's services.


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