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Renowned Broadway producer/director Julian Marsh is hired to put together a new musical revue. It's being financed by Abner Dillon to provide a starring vehicle for his girlfriend, songstress Dorothy Brock. Marsh, who is quite ill, is a difficult task master working long hours and continually pushing the cast to do better. When Brock breaks her ankle one of the chorus girls, Peggy Sawyer, gets her big chance to be the star. She also finds romance along the way. —garykmcdchorus girlgala premierechorus linecasting couchhood61 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesOK. Say, Jones and Barry are doin' a show! - That's great. Jones and Barry are doin' a show.GenresComedyDramaMusicalRomanceCertificatePassedParents guide


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